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      • [PDF] Cryptography and Security: From Theory to Applications Free Download by David Naccache | Publisher : Springer | Category : Computers & Internet | Tags : Cryptography, Information, Security, Mapping, Dynamic, Physical | ISBN-10 : 3642283675 | ISBN-13 : 9783642283673
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      • Cryptography and Security: From Theory to Applications by David Naccache, Publisher : Springer
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      • This Festschrift volume, published in honor of Jean-Jaques Quisquater on the occasion of his 65th Birthday, contains 33 papers from colleagues all over the world and deals with all the fields to which Jean-Jaques dedicated his work during his academic career. Focusing on personal tributes and re-visits of Jean-Jaques Quisquater’s legacy, the volume addresses the following central topics: symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, side-channels attacks, hardware and implementations, smart cards, and informationsecurity. In addition there are four more contributions just “as diverse as Jean-Jacques’ scientific interests”.

        Table of Contents

        Chapter 1. The Hidden Side of Jean-Jacques Quisquater
        Chapter 2. On Quisquater╎s Multiplication Algorithm
        Chapter 3. A Brief Survey of Research Jointly with Jean-Jacques Quisquater
        Chapter 4. DES Collisions Revisited
        Chapter 5. Line Directed Hypergraphs
        Chapter 6. Random Permutation Statistics and an Improved Slide-Determine Attack on KeeLoq
        Chapter 7. Self-similarity Attacks on Block Ciphers and Application to KeeLoq
        Chapter 8. Increasing Block Sizes Using Feistel Networks: The Example of the AES
        Chapter 9. Authenticated-Encryption with Padding: A Formal Security Treatment
        Chapter 10. Traceable Signature with Stepping Capabilities
        Chapter 11. Deniable RSA Signature subtitle The Raise and Fall of Ali Baba
        Chapter 12. Autotomic Signatures
        Chapter 13. Fully Forward-Secure Group Signatures
        Chapter 14. Public Key Encryption for the Forgetful
        Chapter 15. Supplemental Access Control (PACE€v2): Security Analysis of PACE Integrated Mapping
        Chapter 16. Secret Key Leakage from Public Key Perturbation of DLP-Based Cryptosystems
        Chapter 17. EM Probes Characterisation for Security Analysis
        Chapter 18. An Updated Survey on Secure ECC Implementations: Attacks, Countermeasures and Cost
        Chapter 19. Masking with Randomized Look Up Tables subtitle Towards Preventing Side-Channel Attacks of All Orders
        Chapter 20. Efficient Implementation of True Random Number Generator Based on SRAM PUFs
        Chapter 21. Operand Folding Hardware Multipliers
        Chapter 22. SIMPL Systems as a Keyless Cryptographic and Security Primitive
        Chapter 23. Cryptography with Asynchronous Logic Automata
        Chapter 24. A Qualitative Security Analysis of a New Class of 3-D Integrated Crypto Co-processors
        Chapter 25. The Challenges Raised by the Privacy-Preserving Identity Card
        Chapter 26. The Next Smart Card Nightmare subtitle Logical Attacks, Combined Attacks, Mutant Applications and Other Funny Things
        Chapter 27. Localization Privacy
        Chapter 28. Dynamic Secure Cloud Storage with Provenance
        Chapter 29. Efficient Encryption and Storage of Close Distance Messages with Applications to Cloud Storage
        Chapter 30. A Nagell Algorithm in Any Characteristic
        Chapter 31. How to Read a Signature?
        Chapter 32. Fooling a Liveness-Detecting Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner
        Chapter 33. Physical Simulation of Inarticulate Robots

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    • Book Details
      • Book Name : Cryptography and Security: From Theory to Applications

        Edition : 2012

        Author : David Naccache

        Publisher : Springer

        Category : Computers & Internet

        ISBN-10 : 3642283675

        ISBN-13 : 9783642283673

        ASIN : 3642283675

        Pages : 515

        Language : English

        Publish Date : March 1, 2012
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