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      • [PDF] Advances in Applied Self-Organizing Systems, 2nd Edition Free Download by | Publisher : Springer | Category : Computers & Internet | Tags : Organization, Scientific, Engineering, Computer, Physical, Management | ISBN-10 : 1447151127 | ISBN-13 : 9781447151128
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      • Advances in Applied Self-Organizing Systems, 2nd Edition by , Publisher : Springer
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      • Advances in Applied Self-Organizing Systems (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing)

        How do we design a self-organizing system? Is it possible to validate and control non-deterministic dynamics? What is the right balance between the emergent patterns that bring robustness, adaptability and scalability, and the traditional need for verification and validation of the outcomes?

        The last several decades have seen much progress from original ideas of “emergent functionality” and “design for emergence”, to sophisticated mathematical formalisms of “guided self-organization“. And yet the main challenge remains, attracting the best scientific and engineering expertise to this elusive problem.

        This book presents state-of-the-practice of successfully engineered self-organizing systems, and examines ways to balance design and self-organization in the context of applications.

        As demonstrated in this second edition of Advances in Applied Self-Organizing Systems, finding this balance helps to deal with practical challenges as diverse as navigation of microscopic robots within blood vessels, self-monitoring aerospace vehicles, collective and modular robotics adapted for autonomous reconnaissance and surveillance, self-managing grids and multiprocessor scheduling, data visualization and self-modifying digital and analog circuitry, intrusion detection in computer networks, reconstruction of hydro-physical fields, traffic management, immunocomputing and nature-inspired computation.

        Many algorithms proposed and discussed in this volume are biologically inspired, and the reader will also gain an insight into cellular automata, genetic algorithms, artificial immune systems, snake-like locomotion, ant foraging, birds flocking, neuromorphic circuits, amongst others. Demonstrating the practical relevance and applicability of self-organization, Advances in Applied Self-Organizing Systems will be an invaluable tool for advanced students and researchers in a wide range of fields.

        Table of Contents

        Part I: Introduction
        Chapter 1: Design Versus Self-Organization
        Chapter 2: Foundations and Formalizations of Self-Organization

        Part II: Distributed Management and Control
        Chapter 3: Self-Organizing Traf?c Lights: A Realistic Simulation
        Chapter 4: Self-Organizing Sensing of Structures: Monitoring a Space Vehicle Thermal Protection System
        Chapter 5: Decentralised Decision Making for Ad-hoc Multi-Agent Systems
        Chapter 6: Learning Mutation Strategies for Evolution and Adaptation of a Simulated Snakebot
        Chapter 7: Self-Organization as Phase Transition in Decentralized Groups of Robots: A Study Based on Boltzmann Entropy
        Chapter 8: Distributed Control of Microscopic Robots in Biomedical Applications

        Part III: Self-Organizing Computation
        Chapter 9: Self-Organizing Computing Systems: Songline Processors
        Chapter 10: Self-Organizing Nomadic Services in Grids
        Chapter 11: Immune System Support for Scheduling
        Chapter 12: Formal Immune Networks: Self-Organization and Real-World Applications
        Chapter 13: A Model for Self-Organizing Data Visualization Using Decentralized Multi-Agent Systems
        Chapter 14: Memristive Excitable Automata: Structural Dynamics, Phenomenology, Localizations and Conductive Pathways

        Part IV: Discussion
        Chapter 15: A Turing Test for Emergence

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      • Book Name : Advances in Applied Self-Organizing Systems, 2nd Edition

        Edition : 2

        Author :

        Publisher : Springer

        Category : Computers & Internet

        ISBN-10 : 1447151127

        ISBN-13 : 9781447151128

        ASIN : 1447151127

        Pages : 441

        Language : English

        Publish Date : May 24, 2013
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