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    • Brief Description
      • [PDF] ZeroMQ Free Download by Faruk Akgul | Publisher : Packt Publishing | Category : Computers & Internet | Tags : Patterns, Design, Performance, Programming, Apis, Design Patterns | ISBN-10 : 178216104X | ISBN-13 : 9781782161042
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      • ZeroMQ by Faruk Akgul, Publisher : Packt Publishing
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    • Complete Book Description
      • Use ZeroMQ and learn how to apply different message patterns


        • Learn fundamental message/queue design patterns
        • Work with multi-threaded programs
        • Work with multiple sockets

        In Detail

        ØMQ (also spelled ZeroMQ, 0MQ, or ZMQ) is a high-performance asynchronous messaging library aimed at use in scalable distributed or concurrent applications. It provides a message queue, but unlike message-oriented middleware, a ØMQ system can run without a dedicated message broker. The library is designed to have a familiar socket-style API.

        “ZeroMQ” teaches you to use ZeroMQ through examples in C programming language. You will learn how to use fundamental patterns of message/queuing with a step-by-step tutorial approach and how to apply them. Then, you’ll learn how to use high level APIs and to work with multiple sockets and multithreaded programs through many examples.

        This book looks at how message/queue works in general and what kinds of problems it solves. Then, it explains how ZeroMQ works and how it differs from other message/queue libraries and how it can be used in different scenarios.

        You will also learn how to apply essential message/queue design patterns in different scenarios, and how they differ from each other. It shows you practical examples you can apply. You will also learn how to work with multiple sockets.

        You will learn the basics of ZeroMQ as well as how to use different patterns.

        What you will learn from this book

        • Implement the request-reply pattern
        • Implement the pub-sub pattern
        • Work with multiple sockets
        • Work with multithreaded programs
        • Detect memory leaks
        • Route schemes
        • Learn the difference between TCP sockets and ZeroMQ sockets


        A practical, step-by-step example-rich tutorial.

        Who this book is written for

        If you are a C developer who wants to learn about ZeroMQ, this book is for you. It is assumed that the reader has C experience at some level but prior ZeroMQ knowledge is not expected.

        Table of Contents

        Chapter 1: Getting Started
        Chapter 2: Introduction to Sockets
        Chapter 3: Using Socket Topology
        Chapter 4: Advanced Patterns

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    • Book Details
      • Book Name : ZeroMQ

        Edition : 1

        Author : Faruk Akgul

        Publisher : Packt Publishing

        Category : Computers & Internet

        ISBN-10 : 178216104X

        ISBN-13 : 9781782161042

        ASIN : 178216104X

        Pages : 108

        Language : English

        Publish Date : March 25, 2013
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