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    • Brief Description
      • [PDF] HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS Free Download by Arno Meysman , Davy Cielen | Publisher : Packt Publishing | Category : Computers & Internet | Tags : Physics, Mobile, Ios, Game Development, Computer, Apple | ISBN-10 : 1849694567 | ISBN-13 : 9781849694568
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      • HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS by Arno Meysman , Davy Cielen, Publisher : Packt Publishing
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    • Complete Book Description
      • A step-by-step guide to developing your own 2D games


        • A practical hands-on approach to teach you how to build your own game from scratch.
        • Learn to incorporate game physics.
        • How to monetize and deploy to the web and mobile platforms.

        In Detail

        ImpactJS is a JavaScript library specially geared towards building 2-dimensional games. It is intuitive and versatile and allows the game developer to get results in no time while keeping an easy overview when games grow more complex. Games built with ImpactJS can be published on websites and even as an app on both Android and iOS.

        With “HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS”, building games for the Web and app markets has never been so easy. Using the ImpactJS JavaScript engine, you only need this book and basic knowledge of JavaScript in order to build and publish your own game.

        “HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS” allows a single person to build a full game. Using only basic knowledge of JavaScript and this book, you will end up publishing a 2D game for the entire world to enjoy. You will learn to set up a working environment and gather all the necessary tools and resources your game needs. Develop both a top-down and a side scroller game, integrate physics such as gravity, and deploy your game as an app or to your website.

        What you will learn from this book

        • Set up a game development environment on your computer.
        • Find and use resources such as graphics, music, and sound effects.
        • Integrate the Box2D engine in ImpactJS to make a side scroller game with realistic physics.
        • Build a top-down game using solely the ImpactJS engine.
        • Optimize and prepare your games for computer screens and mobile browsers.
        • Turn your HTML5 game into an app for Google Play, Apple, and Chrome app stores.


        HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS is an insightful, friendly guide that will amaze users with its ease of use in game development. It consists of several informative yet simple instructions, which help develop and build your skill set and knowledge base.

        Who this book is written for

        This book is for anyone with basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. If you have the desire to build your own game for your website or an app store but have no idea how and where to begin, this book is for you.

        Table of Contents

        Chapter 1: Firing Up Your First Impact Game
        Chapter 2: Introducing ImpactJS
        Chapter 3: Let’s Build a Role Playing Game
        Chapter 4: Let’s Build a Side Scroller Game
        Chapter 5: Adding Some Advanced Features to Your Game
        Chapter 6: Music and Sound Effects
        Chapter 7: Graphics
        Chapter 8: Adapting Your HTML5 Game to the Distribution Channels
        Chapter 9: Making Money with Your Game

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    • Book Details
      • Book Name : HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS

        Edition : 1

        Author : Arno Meysman , Davy Cielen

        Publisher : Packt Publishing

        Category : Computers & Internet

        ISBN-10 : 1849694567

        ISBN-13 : 9781849694568

        ASIN : 1849694567

        Pages : 304

        Language : English

        Publish Date : March 26, 2013
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