Pro Drupal Development, 2nd Edition

Pro Drupal Development, 2nd Edition by John K. VanDyk, Apress

Drupal is the premier open source content management system available. It is used for high profile sites such as TheOnion.com and has been deployed by organizations such as NASA. Utilizing Drupal, you can create your own personal blog, a community driven site like Slashdot, or any other content oriented web site you can imagine. Building upon the success of the first edition, this second edition is updated completely to cover the newest version of Drupal, version 6.

Pro Drupal Development is a book geared to professionals that need to deploy and customize Drupal. This book delves deep into the internals of the Drupal system and teaches the reader everything they will need to know to deploy a highly customized and optimized Drupal installation. Every web developer looking to deploy web sites quickly to their clients while still being able to harness the power of an excellent content management system needs this book.

Book Description
Book Name : Pro Drupal Development, 2nd Edition
Author : John K. VanDyk
Publisher : Apress
Category : Computers & Internet
ASIN : 1430209895
Pages : 704
Edition : 2
Language : English
Publish Date : August 21, 2008
ISBN-10 : 1430209895
ISBN-13 : 9.78143E+12

Pro Drupal Development, 2nd Edition by John K. VanDyk, Apress

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