Beginning Joomla! 2nd Edition

Beginning Joomla! 2nd Edition by Dan Rahmel, Apress

This Second Edition of Beginning Joomla! updates to the new features included in Joomla 1.6. Author Dan Rahmel shows site managers and developers alike how to build impressive and complex websites using the number one open source content management system, Joomla!

While it is simple to install Joomla! and use its base features (http://www.joomla.org/) many users will want to customize it to their specific needs, tweaking the designtemplates and extending its capabilities.

Beginning Joomla! is the most up-to-date guide available for users seeking to resolve the many common yet confusing questions surrounding these tasks. Along the way, the book takes special care to focus on implementing many of today’s most desired website features, such as MySpace-like user profile management, photo galleries, and e-commerce.

The new features for Joomla 1.6 such as access management, content versioning, multi-blogger components and the expanded search capabilities are all covered in this new edition.

Book Description
Book Name : Beginning Joomla! 2nd Edition
Author : Dan Rahmel
Publisher : Apress
Category : Computers & Internet
ASIN : 1430216425
Pages : 448
Edition : 2nd
Language : English
Publish Date : April 27, 2009
ISBN-10 : 1430216425
ISBN-13 : 9.78143E+12

Beginning Joomla! 2nd Edition by Dan Rahmel, Apress

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